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Center for Migration Studies Collection


Photos from the Center for Migration Studies Collection of
Our Lady of Pompei Papers

Claire Tankel

Donated to GVSHP by Claire Tankel in 1996.

Doris Diether

Donated to GVSHP by Doris Diether in 1996.

Evelyn Haynes

Images in this collection were donated to GVSHP by Amanda Haynes-Dale in June of 2004 or 2008.

Fred McDarrah: Willem de Kooning at 831 Broadway

T1663388_01 copy (2)small.jpg

Portraits of Dutch-born American artist Willem de Kooning (1904-1997) in his loft studio at 831 Broadway, New York, by Fred W. McDarrah. In support…

Gansevoort Market/Far West Village

z- 437 West 13th Street ca. 1990.jpg

These images were taken by GVSHP throughout the 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's.

Julie Rinaldini

Donated to GVSHP by Julie Rinaldini in December 1995.

Myriam Cahn

NY226 10th Street.jpg

Donated to GVSHP by Myriam Cahn in 2016.

Nat Kaufman

Donated to GVSHP by Jonathan Kaufman in December 1998.

NY Bound Bookshop


Donated by the NY Bound Bookshop (Judith Stonehill and Barbara Cohen, owners) in January 1996.

San Remo

Donated to GVSHP by Lisa Powers in 2014.

Tunnel Garage


These photos were taken by GVSHP prior to the Tunnel Garage's demolition in 2006.

Victor Bonanno

Donated to GVSHP by Victor Bonanno in March 2008.

William Eppes

Donated to GVSHP by William Eppes in 1997.